Why Cheap Red Wine & Limoncello is a good idea.

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Limoncello tasting & friend making, Sorrento June 3rd 2016

Ah alcohol. How you bring such good nights & sickly mornings. Despite waking up looking and feeling like something that has been caught in a  drain, drinking cocktails and wine in Italy is now one of my favourite travel memories.

If you took time to read my recent blog post, you’d remember I was a train wreck when I arrived to Rome. I was ready to wheel my unpacked suitcase straight back to the airport to fly myself right back to my comfort zone.
This was until I actually began my Italian Adventure.
We boarded the bus the next morning to road-trip it to Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. With a small and charismatic group of around twelve of us, we exchanged names and ‘where are you from’ ‘why are you choosing to travel’ stories, as you do. We bonded over the nervousness of solo traveling and our excitement for Italy as Luna Mezzo Mare played in the background on the bus. I could feel myself warming to the idea of doing this for the next couple of months. I could feel my nerves ever so slowly begin to fade into the background as the excitement and lust for adventure to overtake me.

As we pulled up to the Camp ground in Sorrento, we unloaded our bags from the bus and scurried to our assigned rooms to get ready for a 3-course meal and Limoncello tasting.
We rocked up to the Limoncello tasting. Now, as an Australian, I stay true to my nation and drink beer on tap and the occasion double vodkas and lemonades. Limoncello was completely new territory to me, but being so famous in Italy and a high chance of getting me drunk for the night there was no way I was passing up downing a few different flavours — whether I enjoyed the taste or not.
Fact: I did not enjoy the taste.
I want to blame that however entirely on the fact that I was told to sip it and not swig it AFTER I swigged it. Australian; what can I say?

After spending a little too long sippin’ different Limoncello flavours, we walked back into the little cobble-stoned side street to buy cheap bottles of wine before our food.
Once again, as a young Australian women, I stick to what I like and know. What I knew was the red wine was not something I liked. That didn’t stop me from going 1/3s in a bottle of the stores cheapest red wine. Screw it, I was in Sorrento and halfway smashed from Limoncello.
As we poured our plastic cups, we stood looking over the water and watching the sunset. Couples cheers-ed each other, friends downed their drinks, others socialised and got to know more about the people they were getting drunk with. We took photos of the sunset, the water and each other. Of each other and with each other.

It really is a beautiful thing; being able to share laughs and unforgettable memories with people who you met only hours ago. To be able to look back on that particular day and still remember their name and story and where they’re heading in life.


Why I Sobbed on my First Night in Rome.


Above is a picture of me in Sorrento, a little town overlooking Naples in Southern Italy.
I had the sun shining on my pale skin (mind you, turned into a pretty sweet tan), was surrounded by superb Italian food & had less than zero cares in the world.

I can tell you now though, when I first stepped off the plane on June 2nd in Rome — this was NOT how I was feeling at all.

I was completely and utterly overwhelmed. Partly because I was in Rome legitimately and the other part because I had left family, friends, jobs and immaturity back home, in Australia. I was now in Europe. Finally. I had never felt more excited or more frightened in my 19 years of existence. I had to find the baggage collection area to pick up my 25kg suitcase that held my entire life in it. Not easy to squeeze it all in when you’re a hoarder for pointless crap you think you’d miss but really wouldn’t. I had to find somebody to assist me when I was in desperate need of finding a ride to my camp ground. I also by this point, really needed my mother, a HUGE reality check and a big glass of wine.
After offering up the only Euros I had on me, I found the bus that would take me to Camp Roma.

Arriving at Camp Roma with no booked accommodation wasn’t the scary part. Getting off the bus and seeing the amount of stairs I had to climb with my mountain of a suitcase was. It also didn’t help that I seemed to be the only one traveling without a friend, family member or boyfriend. We were off to a tremendous start, feeling alone, lost & ready to book a 26 hour flight back to sunny Australia. Homeland. Safe place.

After arriving to my….bunk? I sat my suitcase on the spare bed, I of course chose the bed to sleep in closest to the powerpoint (obviously). I unlocked and unzipped my case, retrieving my laptop and not even hesitating to call my mum. Then, as she answered with excitement to hear about my flight and that I had safely arrived, I burst into tears that I genuinely couldn’t stop.
Of course her first instinct was to ask “What’s wrong?” “What has happened!?”. Unfortunately, nothing. Nothing had happened. I was feeling so many emotions they all just came out of me at the same time. After calming myself down, I managed to tell her I want to come home now, I don’t like it here and I made a massive mistake doing this…

Surprisingly, my mum isn’t the open-minded one, I am.
I expected her to give my detailed instructions on how to get myself sorted so I could come straight back home but to my surprise she didn’t. She insisted I leave my bunk, head to the restaurant on Camp and meet people! Sit with other girls, talk to groups of boys, meeting restaurant workers. Strike up conversations about their future plans and past travels. Ask where they’re off to next, what food is good here, what group tours are going around Rome in the next week. Immerse myself in the culture, language and food. Do not take the fact that I am in Rome, one of the greatest cities in the world, for granted.
I had to admit, she was completely right. I had this satisfying 4 month trip planned for myself that took me to places around Europe I had once told friends and family I would visit; and that is exactly what I had to do.

The next day I woke up at 7am to drag myself, and my life, back down the stairs and back onto the bus that would take me on my Italian Adventure around Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast, and who would’ve guessed that it was the most life-changing and fulfilling ┬ádecision I had ever made. Mind you, this was only Day 2 of my Solo Europe Traveling…

xo Brittany



My name is Brittany. After leaving my home in Australia at the age of 19 and adventuring on a solo traveling trip (more like soul-searching) for 6 weeks, then moving to Manchester, England I have found myself with more spare time than I had hoped for.

Hence, this blog.

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